Price list

Financial modeling, planning and controlling

80€ / hour

Analytical tasks, data processing, templates & reports creation

60€ / hour

Financial strategy creation and implementation

80€ / hour

Financial & business advisory

80€ / hour

Project & process management

80€ / hour

For hourly rates, every quarter hour started is counted

A higher number and/or long-term order of hourly performances will be priced individually


Financial analysis of the company

horizontal and vertical analysis of P&L, BS, all main financial KPIs, simplified business valuation, future development predictions, incl. extended consultation

from 1 190€

Partial financial analysis of the company

selected area, selected KPIs, analysis of cost centre/branch, critical factors identification etc., incl. consultation

from 690€

Business valuation

DCF model, EBITDA multiple, book value, incl. valuation report and consultation

from 990€

Market and competition analysis, financing options evaluation

custom prepared analysis according to customer's requirements

from 490€

Monthly reporting package

managerial P&L and BS, cash flow, KPIs, incl. consultation

from 490€